Parmeliaceae: Improving our understanding of taxonomy, classification and biogeography of the largest family of lichen-forming fungi

05/13/2010 - 05/16/2010

Biodiversity Synthesis Center, The Field Museum,  Chicago, IL, USA
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Lichens are critical for understanding fungal evolution. This workshop, focused on the Parmeliaceae or lichen-forming fungi, brought together more than 25 scientists and students from 15 countries to compile data on and reconcile the systematics of the more than 2000 species in this group. The meeting will produced new content for EOL, vetted species lists, lifedesks, curators, and plans for peer-reviewed publications.

The first in a series of two meetings to further coordinate our efforts to study the evolution and biodiversity of Parmeliaceae and disseminate accumulating knowledge, and use this as a model for similar studies in other families of lichenized fungi. (The second will take place within the framework of the 7th IAL symposium in Thailand in January 2012.) The most important efforts of the first meeting included: a) consolidating the phylogenetic information into revised classification of the Parmeliaceae, b) working towards a worldwide checklist of all species of the family, c) organizing the production of EOL species pages, d) organizing collaborations for an expanded multi-gene phylogenetic analysis of Parmeliaceae, and e) discussing the generic classification of non-parmelioid clades in Parmeliaceae and progress in problematic groups in the recently studied parmelioid clade.

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