Meetings at a glance

At the Biodiversity Synthesis Center (BioSynC), we hosted and funded synthesis meetings on a wide range of topics in biodiversity, evolution and conservation.

We hosted several meetings and encouraged groups with a variety of professional perspectives (student to faculty), to foster gender and ethnic diversity, and to involve international participants.

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The synthesis of biodiversity information holds great promise as a source of scientific progress in many areas of biology and related disciplines. Synthesis Meetings were held on a wide range of topics in biodiversity, evolution, and conservation. Synthesis Meetings were held in Chicago at BioSynC or at other national or international venues. Synthesis meetings were focused on topics which can include biodiversity informatics, involve the formulation of novel scientific ideas, build new bridges among disciplines, and/or deal with a timely issue in biodiversity or conservation. We supported graduate student and postdoctoral researcher involvement in Synthesis Meetings and hoped that they gained valuable training and insight from participation. We strongly supported diverse, international participation to foster novel collaborations.

Meeting proposal requests are currently suspended pending future funding.