Frullania 2: Research Meeting Wrap-Up

December 10, 2012

The second of two BioSynC meetings relating to an integrative systematic study of Frullania, a group of early land plants in the liverwort genus, was held over three days from November 28-30. Liverworts (Marchantiophyta) are pivotal in our understanding of early land plant evolution and exist as important components of the vegetation in many regions of the world. Frullania, worldwide in distribution, represents an exceptionally hyper-diverse, taxonomically complex genus of over 2000 published names. Many Frullania species have also interesting biological properties with some species causing an intense allergenic contact dermatitis. The meeting was sponsored and hosted by BioSynC, and in part by the National Science Foundation, The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, and the Negaunee Foundation, and organized by the Field Museum of Natural History Botany’s Adjunct Curator and Collections Manager Matt Von Konrat. The meeting featured 20 botanists from 11 countries as well as three Chicago-based students. The major objectives included developing a revised working list for Frullania worldwide, identifying high priority geographical areas that are under-collected, and working towards a stable and informative classification system. More details about the meeting can be accessed here.

More details on the first meeting, Frullania 1: Education can be found here.

Photo Credit: © Phiangphak Sukkharak