Educational Resources for WhyReef

June 8, 2010

BioSynC and the Education team at The Field Museum have recently produced several educational resources to accompany WhyReef.  

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are available to assist educators and teachers with WhyReef in their program or class. These videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel ( or on our Teacher Tube channel ( and include “How-To” videos and videos that align WhyReef activities to Illinois State Science Standards.

Coloring Book

“The Creatures of WhyReef Coloring Book” focuses on the identification, abundance, and behavior of 25 WhyReef species. Kids are asked to color, count, and read about these species. The book acts as a supplement to the count and identification activity and an introduction to the other activities in WhyReef. 

The coloring book is also available on-line and can be downloaded at

Educator Guide

The WhyReef Educator Guide is the Museum’s first guide that has been written for a solely digital resource and included ideas for virtual field trips.   The educator guide is available on-line and can be downloaded at: